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Online stores designed with User Experience Intelligence® (UXi) convert more traffic into sales.

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After analyzing key data points and the user experiences of your online shoppers, we intelligently improve your store design so it converts at a higher rate and drives more sales.

Design your store to drive more sales.

The UXi® design process was built with the sole purpose of driving conversions at the highest possible rate. Not only is your Bigcommerce store beautiful, but it also drives results. Leverage our world-class designers and UXi® designs to improve your current design or get a completely new design. Then, each month we analyse the data and make intelligent decisions on what changes should be made to the design in order to drive more conversions/sales. These changes can include new banner designs, landing pages, product badges, coupons and more.

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Wow, it's easy.

With UXi®, designs get better over time and all the work’s done for you!

Our full-service design process does everything for you. Work with an experienced Bigcommerce Marketing Executive to get your design converting traffic into sales at a higher rate. Each Marketing Executive works with a team of eCommerce marketing designers to ensure you get the best design for capturing sales. Then, your design is continually maintained & improved over time to maximize your conversion rate long-term. This keeps your design updated, fresh and modern.

Key elements of a more convertible store design.

Designed for marketing.

All the right elements to capture sales.


Easy navigation with trust seals.

The navigation bar, key trust seals, shipping info, add to cart button and more are all fixed on top to make it easy to buy for shoppers.


Popular products & categories bar.

Highlight popular product categories so shoppers can get where they want to go quickly and make a purchase.


Clear offer/call-to-action.

Make your current offer clear, front and center. Below that, leverage nice, big, call-to-actions buttons so converting is easy!


Ready-to-go, highly targeted landing pages.

Funnel shoppers into the categories and products you want them to browse with nicely designed call-to-action banners.


Show off featured products.

Display featured and popular products so shoppers are more likely to see and purchase them.


Footer with safe & secure trust badges.

Highlight SSL & credit card trust badges so your shoppers can see your store is secure and safe to shop.


Boast the #1 trust badge online.

Show off your store ratings with the highly convertible Top Rated Local™ or the Top Rated National® seal.

Get a free store design mockup.

Request a free mockup and get suggestions as to how you can make your online store capture more sales.

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Get free conversion rate optimization design tips.

Need a completely new store design?

If the shopping cart platform you’re using does not have any design templates you like, we offer affordable and highly convertible store design templates compatible with Bigcommerce.

Your brand.

Every design is personalized to fit your brand, style, colors, fonts and more.

Your domain.

Use any domain for your website. Make the website your primary domain or a niche online store.

Your products.

Populate the design with your products, categories and more, whether you have 1 product or 1000+.

Your content..

Add additional pages of content as needed such as your shipping policy, an about us page and more.

Your dream store.

You love how your online store looks, but more importantly... you’ll love the results it drives!

Our designs.

Bigcommerce Templates That Put the Commerce in E-Commerce

Get a Bigcommerce Template Designed to Increase Sales

What does eCommerce mean?

Well, the e stands for electronic. Online, digital.  Which includes your website and all of the online-based channels that bring people to it.

And commerce?  That’s the same as it’s always been.  Providing products. Selling. Profit.

So what an e-commerce website is should be obvious, right?

It should be.  But it’s amazing how many business owners get it wrong.

Sales Action

Who is your Bigcommerce template for?  Is it for you?  If you don’t love it, what’s the point?

You should love your website…but it’s not a painting to hang-up and display your impeccable taste.  It’s a sales tool.

The best Bigcommerce templates are designed for the shopper–for the user.  It makes an impression. It guides action. It’s easy and fast. You feel of sense of trust and professionalism.

A website that’s only e has about as much value as a Picasso print tacked up above someone’s toilet.

UXi® Super Sales Themes

User experience and sales goals are the core behind User Experience Intelligence UXi® Bigcommerce Templates.

These bad-boys are built to convert.  And after building thousands of Bigcommerce themes and custom designs, we know what converts.

So you’re revved-up, in pole position. Next it’s time to blow the lid off the competition. Because UXi® doesn’t just sit there.  It starts in first and expects to stay there.

With UXi® and the Marketing 360® platform, your e-commerce site never lets up.  We monitor traffic and conversion results to make specific improvements over time.

Your in the business of commerce.  With UXi®, the e stands for excellence.

Don’t settle for anything less.

Put Your Budget into Marketing Instead of Design 

Everybody knows the importance of having a professional Bigcommerce template design.  It’s mandatory in the competitive world of ecommerce marketing.  Strong design and sales content is what makes you look big – even if you’re a small business.


But contrary to what you might think, you don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a custom Bigcommerce template.  In fact at Bigcommerce Marketing 360®, we feel you’re better off not spending anything at all.

ROI is in Marketing

We’ve designed thousands of ecommerce websites.  And charged a premium rate for premium work.

But we discovered that for an ecommerce start-up, pouring all your budget into a beautiful template is like building a big, elaborate, expensive physical store – that’s in the middle of nowhere.

In short, the very best ecommerce website won’t sell squat unless the target buyer can find the site.  You have to market your site through multiple channels.  You have to develop SEO and high keyword rankings.  You have to take the time to analyze data and improve conversion rates.

Your website is a tool. Marketing is the strategy and actions that make you profitable.

We took all the best design ideas – not the fanciest or most elaborate – but the designs that consistently got the most sales, and built the best Bigcommerce templates in the world.  Our template designs are called UXi®, which stands for User Experience Intelligence.

UXi® is built around one goal:  get more sales.

We refined our design process.  What used to take our talented designers months can now be done in weeks.

Then we said to you – the Bigcommerce store owner – partner with us on a comprehensive marketing plan that will build your customer base, and we’ll build a professional BC template for you for free.

We want you to be a success.  And we know from experience if you put your budget into marketing instead of design, you’ll have the chance to stay in the race – and with effective marketing – win it.

Just what constitutes an advertisement?  What are the critical elements when advertising my Bigcommerce online store?

A lot of people new to marketing and advertising think of an advertisement as a thing.  A coupon, a billboard, a banner, a listing on a search page.

And in the simple definition of the noun, that’s accurate.

But of course successful advertising is not simple.  It is in fact, more intangible.

Let’s use the classic sales adage of people don’t buy drills, they buy being able to make holes as an example.

Here, the product is the drill itself.

The benefit is that you can easily make holes in things.

The advertisement is that your wife will love you more because you fix things up around the house.

Or that your home looks nicer than your neighbor’s because you complete projects with your drill.

The goal of ads and sales messaging is to create intangible, added value.  This usually has a strong emotional connection that sends the message that your life will be better because you use this product.

The emotional connection is intangible, but nevertheless highly motivating.

So you don’t create an advertisement that your teeth are simply whiter by using a particular toothpaste.  You imply the intangible quality that you’ll be more attractive because your smile will be more captivating.

You don’t buy a Subaru because of it’s gas mileage.  You buy it because it makes you a better person who cares about the environment.

You don’t buy Bud Lite because of its taste.  You buy it because it increases your sexual prowess and magnetism.

That last one – from a tangible, logical standpoint – is almost nonsensical.  But watch their commercials.  The intangible added value is that you’re more likely to have sex because you drink this beer.

With your Bigcommerce advertising, consider the emotional connection you can create with intangible added value.  It’s what big companies pay big money to advertising firms to develop.

When you create that underlying message, you’ll motivate more buying.  In the end, people don’t buy drills, and they don’t buy making holes, but they eat-up the happy wife or home project pride.

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