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10 Awesome Bigcommerce Themes for 2017

It’s 2017 and you’re ready to take the eCommerce world by storm.  You’ve got an awesome product line, and now you need a Bigcommerce theme to match. Here are 10 excellent Bigcommerce themes designed by Marketing 360®.  These template mockups … Continued

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Adding to the eCommerce Economy

You’re looking into starting an ecommerce business on Bigcommerce website template.  It’s a sound career and economic decision. George Will of the Washington Post makes an observation about a company that’s killing American jobs: When the president speaks of closed … Continued

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Tips On Selling What You Love

It’s the ideal career. You’re an artist.  A painter, a sculptor, a jewelry designer, a t-shirt maker. You’ve decided to turn the art you love into a business.  You’re going to use a Bigcommerce theme and sell your work to … Continued

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For a Few Dollars More

One of the most common ways to gain competitive edge is to be the cheapest.  You sell the widget for a few dollars cheaper than your competition, and you win. Or do you? What would happen if you said you … Continued

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The Need for Ecommerce Speed

Speed, simplicity and usefulness are the defining characteristics of great Web brands. – Gerry McGovern GQ magazine did a test where they reduced page load times from 7 seconds to 1.5 seconds.  Unique visitors increased from 6 million to 11 … Continued

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Do Banner Ads Still Work?

The idea of the banner is one of the oldest in advertising.  It’s the attention grabber with a hero shot, catchy headline, and irresistible offer.  Without the banner ad, advertising wouldn’t be what it is today. Unfortunately for advertisers who … Continued

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